If you are looking for delicious homemade baked goods for your freinds and family than look no further. Anna's Goodies offers only freshest, heathiest ingredients that taste great!
Anna's Goodies

The Baker

All about Anna...

Anna was born with a sweet tooth and a craving for the smell and quality of taste of homemade baking. She baked her first cakes using an Easy Bake Oven during the seventies and then graduated to her first “from scratch” cake at age 11. From then on, she was never able to settle for store bought treats feeling confident she could do better. She has since enjoyed baking for the sheer pleasure of pleasing friends and family who have strongly encouraged her to offer her baking services to everyone, and to spread the goodness around. Excellent, homemade desserts are hard to find and local bakeries are alright in a pinch but usually never get it just like Mama used to make it. This is where Anna's Goodies can save the day.

Anna and Declan

Anna with apprentice Declan, her three year old son.